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We are researching the creation of highly functional materials (inorganic materials, inorganic-organic composite materials) that can adsorb various substances in aqueous solutions and gases, and their application to the fields of environment, resources, and medicine. Specifically, we have created inorganic-organic composite materials in which the layers of layered compounds are functionalized by organic ions, and we are conducting research on selective separation and capture technology for metals and organic compounds in aqueous solutions using these functional materials (Fig.1). We are also conducting research on the treatment of acidic exhaust gas (Fig.1).
230720 Fig2.png
Aiming for the advent of a resource and material recycling society, we are developing technology that enables the adsorption and separation of resources and valuable substances in wastewater and exhaust gas using highly functional materials (Fig.2).


A photo and comment by Mr. Panupong Wethangkaboworn (M) from our laboratory were published in the brochure of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies.
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